Monday, August 11, 2014

Books On Investing

For the last (several) weeks I had been reading The Warren Buffet Way (Robert Hagstrom). I should say, trying and failing. I even tried changing from the first edition (from 1995) to the third edition (from 2013) in case an updated version would be more helpful. But it wasn't, and I finally gave up the ghost.

I don't honestly know why I stuck with for as long as I did. It is definitely not in my style.  I am sure there may be some people who may get some valuable, usable information from this book. I, however, am not one of them. This book talks primarily about Buffet's methods of choosing stocks, which while that may someday be useful knowledge, I am not there yet.

It is also written in story style, where it gives a lot of information in long paragraphs and you kind of have to figure out what it means, which I find harder to retain. (And if you can't retain it, you won’t ever act on it.) I learn in easily digestible information (like bullet points) that gives me the basic groundwork and I can research further on my own to expand upon.

So I requested The Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing (Edward T. Koch and Debra Jonson) from my local library and just picked it up yesterday and browsed through it. I haven't read much yet, but so far it seems as though it will be right up my alley. Some of the information I may already know from my own instincts or research, but there is still a lot to be gleaned from it, which is why I love For Dummies and Complete Idiot's Guide type books.

But of course, before I do any actual investing, some things I need to take care of are automating my finances/fixing my automation, and setting up my IRA, all of which I will be doing ASAP. Ramit Sethi's book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which I mentioned in this post has a 6 week guideline to get finances in order, which if you need help with that, you should definitely check out his book. It has taken me WELL OVER 6 weeks to get things taken care of, but that is more due to forgetfulness than anything else. But I need to get it taken care of because every day it's not done is one less day my money can compound and work for me. So, I will get it taken care of right away! In the meantime, I will still continue to read and absorb as much as possible. And then, on to investing!

Where are you currently at? How are you doing with your financial goals? Have you read or learned anything interesting lately? Please comment below!

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