Tuesday, March 31, 2015

100 Miles Challenge for April 2015-Are You IN?!

In light of the fact that my exercise in general has been much more lackluster than I would have liked (lazy? lack of willpower? outside circumstances? who knows....), I recently decided to issue myself a challenge for the month of April. The goal is to get back on the bandwagon and keep going and to help get more consistent in general again and I always find that a self-issued challenge helps give me focus and something to work toward for improvement.

So my personal challenge to myself is this: In the month of April, I will get to BARE MINIMUM 100 miles, whether it is through regular walks, the elliptical, classes, or general everyday movements--or more likely, a combination of various things--I will make sure to hit at least 100 miles by end of day April 30th. That's roughly 3.3 miles a day on average, which is absolutely doable, and I suspect that I will get much more, but for the sake of a realistic and attainable goal, I chose the conservative number of 100 Miles.

For Tracking and accountability, I will be posting this here and on my social media so people can check in and see how I am doing.

Are you interested in joining the challenge with your own numbers? Are you looking for some accountability and support? Even if your goal is much smaller, come on down! And just because I called it the "Fitbit" Challenge, that is just because what I will be using to track it (and I am not affiliated with them), but if you have another method to track, that's welcome too! Please feel free to comment below and tell me your own personal challenge!

Update 3/21/2015: Since I'd like people to participate, I changed the name of the post from "Fitbit Miles Challenge" to Simply "100 Miles Challenge".  

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